BIBLE TEXT(S): Luke 5:17, Mat 4:23-24

RCCG is a church, the Lord had blessed with programs and services that has brought the kingdom of God closer to mankind. Our programs are so much Holy Spirit filled that testimonies, miracles, healings, salvations, etc., are inevitable.
To continue to enjoy this flow of mercies from God in our programs, we need to pray more in thanksgiving and supplications to God the miracle worker.

  1. Father, we thank You for the success of the past Special programs in Jesus name. – Psa 103:2
  2. Father, we thank You for the unprecedented number of souls won during our past programs in Jesus name. – Psa 103:4
  3. We thank You for the anointing upon Daddy G.O. and all officiating ministers in the past programs and special services, in Jesus name.
  4. Father, during, before and after these special programs and gatherings, please grant us journey mercies in Jesus name. – Ps. 121:1-8
  5. Father, Your wind is blowing. Please, turn the tears and pain of all participants to joy and laughter, in Jesus name. – Rev. 21:4, Ps. 30:5
  6. Father, please supply all the needs of all participants to attend this year special programs, in Jesus name.
  7. Father, please renew the strength of Daddy & Mummy G.O., in Jesus name.
  8. Father, let there be healing for terminal and special sicknesses and deceases at these programs, in Jesus name. – Mat 10:1
  9. Father, please release special children for the barren at this program, in Jesus name. – 1Sam 1:17-19

10.Father, let there be release of special grace for ministry to all ministers that will be part of these special programs, in Jesus name.

11.Father, release Your fresh fire upon all that will attend or connect with all our special programs this year, in Jesus name. – 1Sam 19:20

12.Father, let there be supernatural breakthroughs for all that are stagnant in any area of life as they attend this year special programs and gatherings, in Jesus Name. – 1Chr 4:10

13.Father, let there be rain of special favour for RCCG all over the world through these special programs and services, in Jesus name.

14.Father, during this year special programs, let there be abundant salvation of souls, in Jesus name. – Acts 5:14

15.Father, as your wind is blowing, give all your ministers the grace to fulfil their divine mandate in Jesus name. Num 11:25

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