BIBLE TEXT(S): Psa. 11:3, 1Chro. 3:11

How far a man will go in life depends on the foundation. Abraham was from a family of unbelievers that is, idol worshippers but God called him out in Genesis 12:1 to walk before Him. The sure foundation of our life is Jesus Christ.


  1. Father, I thank You for the family through which You brought me to this world, in Jesus name. – Ps.103:1-3
  2. Father, I repent of every generational sin committed by my ancestors. Let the
    blood of Jesus wasch us clean, in Jesus Name. – Ps.106:6
  3. Father, please show me Your mercy and touch the foundation of my life with Your hand of power in Jesus Name. – Rom. 9:15-16
  4. Father, please visit my family with Your mercy, in Jesus Name. – Lam. 3:22
  5. Father, please break the stronghold of sin in my family and lineage in Jesus Name.
  6. Father, every curse upon my life as a result of my family background, let it break in the name of Jesus. – Jos. 6:26, 2Kings 2:19-21
  7. Father, every tree of non-achievement in my family background let it be uprooted by fire in Jesus name. – Matthew 15:13
  8. Father, every foundational serpent that is operating against the glory of my family, let it be destroyed in Jesus name. – Isaiah 27:1-3
  9. Father, every evil pattern of my fathers household that is about to manifest in my life, break in the name of Jesus. – John 4:18
  10. Father, every idol claiming ownership over the foundation of my life be destroyed in the name of Jesus. – Psa 12:4-5
  11. Father, visit the foundation of my family and let our glory begin to shine in the name of Jesus. – 2Sam 22:16
  12. Father, visit the foundation of all our parishes in RCCG worldwide in the name
    of Jesus. – Math. 16:18
  13. Father, visit the foundations of our nations and let Your glory begin to manifest in the name of Jesus. – Ps. 96:3
  14. Lord Jesus, be the foundation of my life from now henceforth in Jesus name. – 1Ki. 7:10
  15. Father, as Your wind is blowing, visit the foundation of my father’s household and remove every curse by the blood of Jesus. – 1Ki 16:34

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