BIBLE TEXT(S): Luk 18:1, Matt 13:25-30

INTRODUCTION: Prayer is communication between man and his God for the expression of thanks, understanding or request for assistance. Prayerlessness is a failure to communicate with God and it’s robbing us of God’s blessings. God commands us to pray without ceasing.


  1. Father, thank You for the ability to pray to You as the work of Your hand, in Jesus name. – Col. 4:2
  2. Father remove me from the company of fools that do not pray, in Jesus name. – Prov.3:35
  3. Father, I receive the grace not to be tired of prayer, in Jesus name. – Luke 18:1
  4. Father, open the eyes of understanding of those that do not pray, in Jesus name. – Eph. 1:18, Lk.24:45
  5. Lord God, have mercy on those that are proud because they do not pray, in Jesus name. – Jam.4:6, Rom. 9:15
  6. Father, hide my life, destiny and family inside Your name which is the strong tower, in Jesus name. – Pro. 18:10
  7. Father, increase the fire of prayer in Your churches, in Jesus name. – Lev. 6:13
  8. Father, deliver us from any sin assigned to quench the spirit of prayer in all our parishes and set us free from them, in Jesus name. – Jam.5:16, 1 The.5:19
  9. Father, raise fervent and persistent Christians to pray for open heavens over all nations, in Jesus name. – Lk. 18:1, Mat.7:7-8
  10. Father, rescue the body of Christ from the dangers of not praying before it is too late, in Jesus name. – Mat. 26:40-42
  11. Father, baptize me with the Holy Spirit afresh and give me the grace to pray more in the Holy Spirit, in Jesus name. – Acts 2:1-4, Acts 1:8
  12. Father, please make me a prayer giant in my generation in Jesus name. – 1 Cor.14:18, James 5:17-18
  13. Father, let Your wind blow and demolish every structure of prayerlessness in my life and family in Jesus name. Pro.14:34, Mat.13:25-30
  14. Father as Your wind is blowing, from now and forever please make me a watchman to stand in the gap in Jesus name. – Isa. 21:6
  15. Father, as Your wind is blowing, uproot the altar of prayerlessness planted in the families of all our brethren in the nations of the world in Jesus name. – Mat.15:13

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