BIBLE TEXT(S): Psa. 55:22, 1Pet. 5:7

INTRODUCTION: Depression is a state of being downcast or in deep sorrow. Sometimes it leads to suicide. Believers have the grace of His word that cheers us up whenever depression is about to set in. That is why we must not stop meditating on His word.

  1. Father, thank You for Your promises to terminate every spirit of depression, in
    Jesus name. – Isa. 41:10
  2. Father, thank You for making me righteous and hearing my cry and saving me from every trouble, in Jesus name. – Ps. 34:17
  3. Father, thank You for saving me from the spirit of depression. You did not allow me to die in it. You heard my cry and came for my rescue in Jesus name. – Ps. 4:1-3
  4. Father, please remove from us the spirit of depression in Jesus name. – Ps. 42:11
  5. Father, help us to maintain the right spirit You have given us in Jesus name. – 2Tim. 1:7
  6. Father, let every satanic chain of poverty and sickness be destroyed by fire in our families in Jesus name. – Isa.10:27
  7. Father, let every spirit of retardation that causes depression in our families be destroyed by fire in Jesus name. – Genesis 42:38, 44:29
  8. Father, because You are the way, go before me and be with me. Do not fail nor forsake me, in Jesus name. – John 14:6
  9. Father, terminate fear and depression in my life and family, in Jesus name. – Deut. 31:8
  10. Father, You are my shield and the lifter up of my head. I decree: depression is not a god in my life, in Jesus name. – Ps. 3:3
  11. Father, please never allow any spirit of depression to cast me down, in Jesus name. – Ps. 42:11
  12. Father from now on deliver me from the spirit of anxiety and depression that can cause suicide, in the name of Jesus. – 1 Peter 5:7
  13. Father, please remind me that the death and resurrection of Jesus has set me free from depression and defeat, in the name of Jesus.
  14. Father, remind me that l am a champion over depression, in the name of Jesus.
  15. Father, let Your wind blow in favour of my divine lifting and repositioning in Jesus name. – Job 22:29

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