In an ambitious endeavor to touch hearts and uplift spirits across the globe, the Gospel Touch Choir has announced their goal to perform at 1,000 unique events throughout this year. This initiative aims to spread the choir’s message of hope, love, and inspiration far and wide, reaching audiences in the UK, USA, Europe, and beyond through their soul-stirring gospel and inspirational music.

A Mission of Musical Inspiration: Gospel Touch Choir is renowned for their dynamic performances that blend traditional gospel music with contemporary inspirational sounds. By setting their sights on performing at such a vast number of events, they are on a mission to make a significant impact, bringing their powerful message of faith and resilience to people from all walks of life.

Open Invitation to Event Organizers: To achieve this monumental goal, Gospel Touch Choir is actively seeking collaborations with event organizers across their active regions. Whether it’s a wedding, funeral, corporate event, or any gathering that could be brightened by their harmonious melodies, Gospel Touch Choir is ready to add a memorable touch of music and inspiration.

Why Choose Gospel Touch Choir? With their versatile repertoire and experienced performers, Gospel Touch Choir is equipped to provide a bespoke musical experience for any event. Their performances are not just about music; they’re about creating moments that resonate with people, offering comfort, joy, and a sense of unity.

Be Part of This Historic Journey: Booking Gospel Touch Choir for your event means more than just securing entertainment; it’s about being part of a global initiative to spread positivity and hope through the universal language of music.

Book Gospel Touch Choir Today: Don’t miss the opportunity to have Gospel Touch Choir perform at your event and be part of their mission to reach 1,000 unique venues this year. Make your event unforgettable and join them in spreading a message of inspiration across the world.

For booking inquiries, please contact or visit for more information about Gospel Touch Choir and their 2024 initiative.



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