AGALLIAO means “Rejoice!”

It refers to an exuberant and passionate type of rejoicing that will involve some spinning, jumping and shouting. This was Jesus’ response in Luke 10:21. The bible says, “In that hour, Jesus rejoiced in the Spirit.” In our culture, people only rejoice in response to music, but Jesus was responding to revelation knowledge. It is my prayer that this song births in you a new dimension of joy, in which you rejoice in response to what God has said concerning you, even when the circumstances around you appears to be contrary.


Songwriter – Pastor Emmanuel Iren

Lead vocalist – Pastor Emmanuel Iren, Nathaniel Bassey

Arrangements/Production – Stephen Adeniyi

Mixing engineer – John Jaszcz

Mastering engineer – Dan Shike

Drums – Emmanuel ‘Nozo’ Sunday

Bass guitar – Blessing ‘Bfingers’ Lagos

Electric guitar – Emmanuel Omoile (Jazz priest)

Orchestration- Yimika Akinnola

BGVs – Joshua Adebowale and LUX choir

BGVs live video – Celebration Church Worship

Video credits:

Creative Direction: Daniel Bentley

Line Producer: Vincent Ugo


Philip Somiari Philip Somiari

DOP: ‘Tunji Enahoro

Live Mixing/Direction: Bayo Royale

Editor: Daniel Bentley

Camera operators: Paul Kings

Prince Amayo

Kunle Felix

Victor Ikenna

Ushang Unimna

Philip Somiari

‘Tunji Enahoro

Damilare Osinubi

Wale Williams

Grip: Gospel Enwerem

Paul Amayo

Sarah Beke

Screen Visuals Direction: Jeffrey Akonedo

Motion Graphics: Ifunanya O.M

Graphics design: Abraham Junaid

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