Benestelle releases an unforgettable new song titled OUR VICTORY to remind believers worldwide that because of Jesus we can do all things and we win always.

Music, an invisible fragrance that invades the airwaves with all genres and sounds, is God’s unmistakable way of uplifting, healing, and encouraging mankind. Music unites all cultures, people, and tribes in worship to Jesus, moving without borders and with unpredictable but spectacular effects in men’s hearts and minds.

Benestelle praises this powerful reality in an electrifying anthem titled Our Victory. Across nations and cultures, Jesus Christ remains King, as his resurrection symbolizes our greatest victory and freedom. His universal banner over us, His people, is love, and through this praise piece, he conveys that love in vivid and profound terms. 

As Benestelle paints a graphic yet striking picture of the sacrifice Jesus Christ made for humanity to seal eternal life, his lyrics include lines like You were no criminal but dragged in the streets of me, paid with your blood. In the wake of songs such as For Me, Doing Us Good, and Clap Your Hands, this new song speaks of Jesus’ commitment to save mankind through his own blood and life.

Benestelle’s latest studio release, Our Victory, is a jewel in her musical journey as she continues to inspire people around the world to worship the Lord. An avid and unapologetic follower of Jesus-Christ, she owns the inspiring show Benestelle Inspires with her husband, Ben Nwaiwu, which she also hosts. Benestelle Inspires airs on DominionTV (Africa’s Christian Lifestyle Network) reaching millions in Africa; on Kingdom Insight TV (KITV) reaching large audiences primarily in North America and other nations of the world, as well as on the Caribbean Gospel TV (CGTV) spreading her wide reach to all the Caribbean islands.



Benestelle is a “kingdom class” worshipper and prolific songwriter. Her name is synonymous with excellence worldwide.

Benestelle is an anointed phenomenon happening to the world every moment of life – literally! Her unique and mesmerizing voice delivers energetic, powerful and contemporary tunes that lift your spirit and soul to greater heights.

Her beautiful songs are versatile, fresh and speak to the soul with a sweet sound that brings peace, joy, healing and hope to all creation. Through simple yet spirit filled lyrics, she boldly displays God’s gentle love for mankind in every word she sings, touching everyone who hears it!

In her own words: “God is love. Love is open, accepting and free. Everyone should be able to sing songs that encourage them, lifts them and most especially give hope in an ever loving God and in the future. In a hurting world with people seeking answers, love and faith in God are the answer. As a light into their lives, my music gives everyone the springs and opportunity to experience unconditional love and fulfillment that God alone can give. It affords everyone the opportunity to reach out to Him and experience his loving arms. It’s a great time to trust him with our lives.”

Benestelle has been serving as a member of the music ministry in her church since 2004, functioning in various roles  which enabled her growth and her music. From being a back-up vocalist, she rose to become a seasoned worship leader, ministering in international events such as the Higher Life Conferences and Nights of Bliss. 

In 2013, she featured in the Loveworld International Music Concert in Lagos, Nigeria. In 2017, she also featured in the Loveworld Festival of Music & Arts in Johannesburg, South Africa, sharing the same stage with gospel icons such as Sinach. She also served as the national music lead for Canada in her ministry where she helped train choirs and vocalists who in turn formed the regional choir.

Benestelle’s entered the world stage with her debut heartfelt single “Love of my Life” in March 2020, expressing her love for Jesus. 2 months later, she launched the life changing show: Benestelle Inspires.

In this impeccable sound, she highlighted the selfless and unconditional love God has for humanity through the sacrifice of Jesus.

This song featured on major TV stations in Africa. 

In December 2020, she closed the year with a celebration song titled “We Give You!” and these songs became popular on TV and radio stations worldwide such as Trace Gospel, “We Give You” filled many nations around the work with dance and joy!

In July 2021, Benestelle filled the atmosphere with “Hallelujah”, a melody she describes as not just a song but a worship experience.

Recently, she has been featured on KiTV’s “Unstoppable Faith” with the renowned Dr.  Kazumba Charles on Canada’s ground-breaking show.


Song Writer – Benestelle

Composer – Benestelle & Promarck

Vocal Engineer Canada  – Patrick Stephensen, Action House Studios

Sound Engineer South Africa – Prosper Makonese, Promarck Studios

Mixing & Mastering – Promarck Studios

Graphics – MunProductions

Music Video – MUNProductions Canada

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